Terms and conditions

  1. Before putting the ball on, it’s necessary to remove all the things from your pockets that can either damage the ball from the inside or can get broken themselves during the game.
  2. While putting your ball on, remember to place your arms in the shoulder-strap to make sure that you do not fall out of the ball during the game.
  3. Always stick to the front handle.
  4. It is not allowed to bump people without Bumper Balls on or people who are trying to get up.
  5. Do not bump things that can damage the ball from the outside.
  6. Listen to the hints and instructions of the animator.
  7. In case of the underage participants written declaration of participation and parental or legal guardian consent is necessary.
  8. Persons who can compete in the game:
    1. Underage persons after showing written consent signed by one of their parents or a legal guardian,
    2. Persons that are not under influence of alcohol or drugs,
    3. Persons that have formally accepted the CrashBall rules.
  9. Those who will be under influence of alcohol or drugs and will disobey any point of CrashBall rules (in particular persons that pose a threat to other participants) will be discarded from the game effective immediatel
  10. The organisers and all people cooperating with them are not responsible for and will not be held accountable legally or otherwise in case the participant suffers from any of the following events that could occur before, after or during CrashBall games: personal injury, damaged belongings, damaged clothes.
  11. The participants are taking part in the game on their own responsibility. The participants are legally liable and will be held accountable for every injury and/or damage that they caused during the CrashBall game to other players. By accepting the CrashBall rules participants relinquish any rights to pursue legal actions against organisers or people that are cooperating with them regarding any injuries or damages that could occur during CrashBall games.
  12. The participants are committed to keep Staff and referee’s orders and CrashBall rules. The participants agree with conditions of participation and declare their will to participate in CrashBall games.
  13. General condition of the participants allows them to play sports and hence to participate in CrashBall games.
  14. The participants are conscious about dangers resulting from participation in CrashBall games. The participants must have a valid accident insurance.
  15. The patricipants know and accept the rule that is not allowed to be under influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances that may diminish your perception.